A coffee shop on the cliff, a rendezvous for adventurous lovers in New Zealand



14:57 13/09/2022

CFRR– coffee shop on the cliff called Knoll Ridge with impressive architecture, which is definitely a fascinating stop for adventure lovers in New Zealand.

How wonderful it is when gliding across the long ski trails, admiring the beauty of the snowflakes covered on the craggy cliffs, zooming in and out to immerse yourself in the natural majestic scenery.

Those who are passionate about speed and this thrilling sport will never want to miss the opportunity to stop for a cup of coffee at one of the most unique locations in the world that is the coffee shop named Knoll Ridge in New Zealand

Knoll ridge coffee shop on the cliffs. Photo: Archdaily

A rendezvous for whom like attempting conquer

Perched precariously on the edge of a Ruapehu cliff in the National Park in northern Tongariro Island and also belongs to the largest ski area of New Zealand, Knoll Ridge coffee shop is the first choice for adventurous and sport loving guests. is

That house is a little bit ‘’flashy’’ because it is not easy to get there, the only way for tourists to travel to there is to sit on the cable car. but that is the attraction of curiosity and interest in conquest of the skiers.

 As a whole from the outside, the coffee shop seems to be blended in nature with the black and white colors of the snowy mountains that reflected from the glass panels of the building. Here, visitors feel like standing in heaven with each strand of clouds interwoven, embracing the mountain against the deep blue sky.

The Knoll Ridge coffee shop is the same nature. Photo: Lovetaupo

The extremely rugged terrain and harsh weather here is a huge challenge for Harris Butt Architects based on New Zealand which designed the impressive Knoll Ridge coffee shop. Overcoming these difficulties, the brilliant architects used their creativity and ingenuity to become a remarkable feat with the award of the world’s most beautiful design cafe Design Curial, 2015.

Launched to replace the wooden coffee shop with a broken wooden destroyed by a fire in February 2009, with an area of 1,516m2, the Knoll Ridge coffee shop was completed in 2011 and is located a short distance from the old position about 50 meters towards the foot of the mountain.

The rapidly changing weather is typical of mountains in New Zealand, with Mount Ruapehu no exception. Designing a building that can withstand such harsh environment is one of the challenges that developers have to overcome. Besides, the difficult road to the site along with the strict requirements when transporting materials requires specific and detailed plans.

The terrain is so hard to install. Photo: Archdaily

The concrete slabs are installed quickly and transferred before the snow melts, then they are transported 700m above the snow to the site before construction begins next summer.

The remote position is a very huge barrier in the construction process.

So, the architects of Harris Butt have scientific and effective ways of handling. The entire building, from the foundation beams and floor slabs to the roof and windows, is divided into small parts for easy transport and placement. Especially, the installation is done entirely by helicopter. This is probably the most impressive thing for those who want to learn about the construction process of the building.

The installation was made by helicopter. Photo: Archdaily

Covering most of the cafe’s walls and roof are insulation panels. They, like most building components, must be carefully designed so as not to exceed the helicopter’s maximum payload limit of 800kg.

Photo: Archdaily

Another challenge in the construction was to create a completely transparent glass wall, to help tourists fit into coffee and see the full magnificent view of Pinnacle Mountain peak comfortably without any interference. This is a feature that makes international friends come to the shop very excited. This requires the glazing and frames to withstand wind speeds of up to 200km/h and extreme cold temperatures. Up to 25 tons of glass was used in the 415m2 façade, all predefined and ordered from calculations without the need for field measurements. This requires glass systems and frames to withstand speeds up to 200 kilometers per hour and cold temperatures. There are 25 tons of glass used in the 415m2 facade of the house, all predefined and ordered from drawing calculations without the need for reality field measurements.

The wall is completely glass – free to make tourists look at the landscape without obstruction. Photo: Archdaily

The perfect location of the Knoll Ridge Cafe has come into play as it allows visitors to admire the natural beauty from any angle of the coffee shop: from the east side of the building, tourists can see the scene of volcanic rocks located at the edge of the of the way down to the Te Heuheu Valley. The north side looks down the spectacular mountain slopes, and if you want to see the exciting and exciting skiing, you can look to the west.

The Knoll Ridge Cafe in snowy winter.
Photo: Archello

The building’ s architecture reflects the strong geological features of the mountain. The roof is shaped like a “seagull wing” with a sunken curve that looks like a bird’s wings are hovering between the overlapping mountains. The above can take up to three feet of snow.

The Knoll Ridge Cafe perfect from every angle.
Photo: Archdaily

Knoll Ridge Cafe, Great Companion

Inside and outside the Knoll Ridge Cafe, there is also an arrangement and interior design associated with wood. Large and small wooden slats appear everywhere, wrapped around to help bring visitors a warm sense and comfortable feeling in the winter when the snow covers the mountains.

Warm wooden furniture wraps around.
Photo: Archdaily

The large space inside the coffee shop with the ideal height will not make any diners feel stuffy. The capacity enough for about 400 people with food service, kitchen and support equipment all located on the same floor. The main public restroom, staff area and storage area are located on the lower level with a private entrance from the outside and are connected to the cafe via an interior staircase. This design will not interrupt visitors drinking coffee while enjoying the view.

Located at an altitude of 2020 meters above sea level, Knoll Ridge Cafe is truly a place offering the highest dining experience in New Zealand. In addition to coffee and drinks, the bar has something for everyone, from fast food to a whole new menu of contemporary cuisine. All are high-quality local products and are made to suit the outside climate. This ensures energy compensation for visitors who have just finished outdoor sports.

Tourists come to rest and experience the highest food in New Zealand.
Photo: Archello

Resilient and indomitable before the challenges of weather and the obstacles of terrain, Knoll Ridge Cafe seems to have a kindred soul in tune with the adventurous travelers. Knoll Ridge still stands poised like a professional skier. This coffee shop has become an indispensable companion in the white snow races of athletes. Whether a newcomer to this beautiful Tongariro park or a regular visitor, it’ s not like the mountain mountains can stop their feet from visiting the strong knoll ridge ridge, but it’ s incredibly amazing.

Knoll ridge one sunset. Photo: Cizetasedie.it








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