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Coffeerary (CFRR) is a media content producer initiative focusing on coffee, specialty coffee in Vietnam. CFRR officially launched since June 2022.

CFRR works based on these orientations:

– Independence, objectivity

– Science and inspiration

– Updates and diversity

Independence, objectivity

With a white collar term of technical support and social media, CFRR offers appreciation and honor for brands and human who are dedicated to the coffee industry with a completely independent and objective thinking.

Science and inspiration

On the platform of printed matter, Website and social media, CFRR conducts and shares researches providing knowledge, savour, and recipe from a scientific perspective. Meanwhile, we award audiences art and cultural works inspired by coffee.

Updates and diversity

We always ensure to provide the latest and most in-depth information about Vietnamese and world coffee from various perspectives and ways. CFRR founds that the coffee industry needs a media initiative which is specialized, explicit and truthful to support, provide information, evaluate the market, etc… on multi-platforms and multi-media in order to get wide publicity to audiences.

CFRR always attempts to pursue our private philosophy, that’s what brings many scientific media products keeping abreast of the highest quality life sense to the audiences who love coffee

Coffeerary – The Life of Coffee

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