“Atlas Coffee Club” is a journey around the world with the taste of coffee 


15:42 13/09/2022

CFRR – Inspired by textiles and the local landscape, each coffee packaging is individually designed to reflect the character of the origin land of coffee

Have you ever thought you could travel from country to country, or explore new distant lands with just a few steps from your door? Sounds like a myth, doesn’t it? But with Atlas Coffee Club, you can go on exciting journeys following coffee flavor. Let’s explore these unique, meaningful and equally interesting journeys with CFRR.

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Start journey

Atlas Coffee Club, headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA, is a company which specialized in providing packaged roasted coffee and sourced coffee beans imported from 50 countries around the world. In August 2016, this company launched impressive packaging designs that showed the unique characteristics of each locality.

You just need to fill out a few questions on the Atlas Coffee Club website to let them understand your preferences, decide what bag size you need such as half a bag, a full bag or two. After setting up your account, you can also choose suitable delivery schedule, weekly or up to once every ten weeks. The warm-up is done.

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Step into the adventure

As usual, you will receive a parcel that is a beautiful white box. You open up and start exploring new lands. Inside the box was a packet of coffee, a postcard and a note on how to brew it.

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The beautiful coffee package is the characteristic expression of the origin land of coffee. The co-founder of Atlas Coffee Club, Jordan Rosenacker, said that they were inspired by textiles and local landscapes, the designers used the entire front of the packaging to represent the textile pattern.

The only text on the coffee bag is the nation name on the side with Atlas Coffee Club logo in a smaller font below. The purpose of this is to ensure fairness for the origin country.

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The packaging is designed to be minimalist and very charming, evoking your imagination about the homeland of coffee beans.

For example, the image on the packaging of Peruvian coffee has an interesting pattern reminiscent of Inca textiles. Or the Costa Rican coffee bag, inspired by the 19th century bullock carts which was used to transport coffee.

Through the image on the Brazilian coffee bag, you can also admire this country’s remarkable biodiversity, with its viability and intense vitality of nature. The Tanzanian coffee bag takes you to the brilliant yellow Serengeti River where coral reefs and sharks surround Zanzibar Island.

The undulating pattern on the Ethiopian packaging depicts the adjoining majestic mountains of the mythical land where, according to legend, the first coffee trees were found by Kaldi, a goat herder since the 9th century. Or the image of wildflowers on the orange background of Ugandan coffee bags helps you clearly feel the climate and flora characteristics of this remote central African land.

Then from Burundi to Malawi, from Myanmar to India and Ecuador… each design of the packaging takes you to discover a new and exciting land with unique symbols.

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An Atlas Coffee Club customer shared: “After receiving the Tanzanian coffee package, I saw a note that the coffee had traveled more than 9,000 miles to reach me, it delighted me.” It’s a great way to learn new things.

Included with this specially designed coffee bag is a lovely postcard and a note card about the taste and brewing method, along with detailed information about the origin country of coffee, including history and maps. Photo: The Dieline

Through these innovative designs, Atlas Coffee Club hopes that customers will feel more attached with coffee producing countries and also connecting coffee lovers.

As a tour guide, the company Atlas Coffee Club wants to celebrate different cultures and regions around the world without disrupting the coffee lover’s experience with distractions such as logo and branded language.

The journey of coffee from farm to consumer can be a journey through many flavor lands where packaging contributes to that exciting journey. Photo: The Dieline

A meaningful gift, extending the journey

The exciting journey to explore new lands and unique packaging designs that Atlas Coffee Club offers, saves you a lot of time and effort, no need to step out of the house, go to the store or spend several hours for self-researching.

Photo: The Dieline
You can also save the packaging as a cultural collection of countries; and these beautiful designs are also used as gifts to help you send love to your loved ones, invite you to conquer new lands on an exciting journey to discover the world with coffee packages. 


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