Cappuccino or love?

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15:54 13/09/2022

CFRR- One café owner in Brooklyn said “Cappuccino is the romance expression”, for others cappuccino is simply a love…

White coffee has been known in Europe since about the 17th century. Meanwhile, according to various sources, in the 1700s, cappuccino (originally called “Kapuziner”) first appeared in café in Vienna (Austria)  with a recipe of coffee mixed with creamy milk and sugar.

A lot of sources also explain that the name cappuccino comes from the Capuchin monks because the color of their robe is brown similar to the typical color of this coffee.

Cappuccino or love. Photo: Freepik
Cappuccino in various shapes… Photo: Freepik

However, the version of cappuccino as we know it until now appeared in Northern Italy in the 1930s. Originally, it was still made in the Austrian style with fatty milk cream on top and sprinkled with some cinnamon or chocolate powder. After that, heated milk began to be commonly used in the preparation process. By the 1950s, cappuccino was made from espresso instead of regular coffee. From here, the name cappuccino began to remark on coffee lovers around the world.

As naming cappuccino is love.

One of the factors making Cappuccino differently is the special emphasis on aesthetics. Many coffee experts believe that the images of hearts, fern branches, etc. on the foam part of a cappuccino represent the class and level of the baristas.

For true baristas, it’s probably a difficult challenge but no less interesting. Like having the first sight of a soulmate, the beauty of decorations, a cup of cappuccino, or the colorful mixture of cream with cinnamon and chocolate powder quickly connects to touch emotions: half emotional, half passionate. 

Meanwhile, with a well-balanced main ingredient consisting of three roughly equal parts: part one, part another of espresso, hot milk, and foam. The cappuccino has a much more bobbed texture than its counterpart with the same ingredient that is latte which has the amount of foam approximately half of the milk.

cappucino 2
Warming bobbed foam. Photo: Huy Phạm – CFRR

Enjoying the warming bobbed foam at the first touch of lips may memorize one shy, confused, and equally soaring spirit of their first kiss. The foam layer which has a two to three centimeters thickness not only makes the cappuccino cup more beautiful, and romantic, increases the fat and aroma as well as reduces the acidity and bitterness of the coffee, but also helps to keep the milk and coffee below hot and fragrant for longer. Anyway, just imagine being on a cold rainy afternoon, drinking a warm cappuccino, having the perfect flavor combining the light bitterness of coffee with the light fatness, and sweetness from milk and cream, which would be memorized people? Would it be the tender memories of first love or their bitter sorrows?

The young today often mentioned: “Youth is like a shower”; and at that place, Katie Carguiilo, owner of Counter Culture Coffee (Brooklyn, New York) wrote: “Cappuccino is the expression of romance”…. Love, whether it is fleeting or staying simultaneously being joyful, sad, cold or warm, whether it named love, maybe no aftertaste describing it better than a cup of cappuccino. Perhaps for some, cappuccino is simply loved.

Looking for the perfect recipe for love

Calling cappuccino love, anyone surely would want a perfect love recipe.  The journey of finding the perfect formula for love may be so strange that anyone who has fallen into a love affair probably wants to find the answer.

A lot of marriage counselors, psychologists, and even philosophers have tried to find an ideal “model” or a special formula to guide people to love in a more efficient way. But life in common hasn’t got any formula that can apply totaling to love.

Cappuccino has different variations in each region. Photo: Freepik

Similar to love, though cappuccino has a common recipe for ingredients, it is modified in a variety of ways in each region. In Greece or some areas of Italy, there is Freddo cappuccino which is considered a cold cappuccino version, because of adding a little bit of cool foam on top.

Some places in Italy also have Gelato da Bere with a blend of gelato, Italian cream, and espresso. In Canada, Tim Horton’s coffee system also has an iced cappuccino whose ingredient is a blend of cold coffee with black syrup mixed with water and then cream, milk, or cacao depending on the customer’s choice.

Cappuccinos in any country are both cappuccino but not that cappuccino. Experiencing different cultural regions, with unique identities and diverse culinary tastes, the variation makes cappuccino both familiar and alien at the same time.

Once more, same as love, is it reasonable that the familiar and also strange feeling makes people feel so mystical and troubled that irresistible? Hence, humans continue to live, continue to love, continue to suffer and then one day, continue to fall in love in a happy way.

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