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22:07 25/09/2022


CFRR– Manifesto Coffee packaging with coffee in cans appears with a gentle, delicate illustration, especially made from aluminum material that preserves coffee long-life to be fresh and is easy to recycle.

Starting from the awareness of environmental protection

Unsurprisingly, as the UK is one of major coffee-consuming countries in the world, the British Coffee Association estimates that around 104 million cups are consumed every day in this foggy country. That has led to a lot of packaging for coffee grounds discarded and becoming waste, causing adversely effects on the environment.

To reduce this waste, Manifes to Coffee, a coffee company founded by Alex MacIntyre and Lukasz Lewaszkiewicz, based in Perthshire, Scotland, decided to replace the old packaging to store the beans in fully recyclable 200g aluminum cans.

Innovative image of Manifesto coffee packaging. Photo: Manifesto

Manifesto Coffee’s specialty coffee distribution scored more than 80 points in SCA standards; is an ethical and transparent brand, committed to providing at least 50% of its coffee through traders and importers willing to provide FOB (Free On Board) price data, to increase the level of clear traceability of the product.
The packaging change project lasted for more than a year, showing very careful and thoughtful preparation before launching the product to the market. The new design was launched on July 25, 2021.


Why aluminum?
Usually, coffee packaging is made from several layers of materials. Therefore, it is difficult to recycle them completely. You need to take the coffee bags to the recycling centers yourself. Compostable packaging also often requires industrial composting equipment to break down polymers as UK composters do not achieve the temperatures required to do so. As a result, most coffee packaging, regardless of whether it’s recyclable or compostable, will usually end up in landfills.
On the other hand, Manifesto Coffee decided to use beverage cans for their coffee because it is the most recycled material on the planet, with 82% of beverage cans sold in the UK in 2020 being recycled and 75 % of total aluminum produced is still in use today. Each can be 100% melted down and fully reworked into another in less than 60 days. High canned recycling rates mean lower emissions during production compared to other packaging solutions.

“This means we can pack our coffee in a discreet, lightweight box that’s ideal for coffee, and we can say it’s recyclable without any other warning. You don’t have to do anything, or take it anywhere special, all you need to do is cut it out the same way you would with your beer can or soda can.” Manifesto Coffee said.

Photo: Baristamagazine

This form of packaging has met Manifesto’s goal, outstanding, recognizable packaging, especially keeping coffee beans fresh for a long time and affordable price, cutting logistics costs and emissions. Here is a pretty high standard for a small, emerging company without a large team that can work on research and development.
Special can
Currently, all designs are by Alex MacIntyre, Director of Manifesto Coffee; The reason is partly because of his hobby, partly because of the urgent time of the project and limited budget.


It is a can packaging, but it is used to store coffee beans, so it needs the right processing equipment to help customers easily peel it for use. The tips of the cans are made from aluminum foil and do not have sharp edges.

To do that thing, the company had to modify the canning machine to fit these ends into the cans. The process was quite difficult and took about six months to go live.
Every aspect of the new packaging has been well thought out and is fully recyclable. The brand is designed, printed and cut manually using a die-cutting machine. Before switching to canned form, this brand had many problems estimating exactly how many labels to order. Because if you order too much, it will be wasteful, and if you order too little, you will have to pay a premium for the low order quantity. Printing and cutting labels right at the company without outsourcing, provides complete control and significantly reduces the amount of waste generated. The labels have affixed to the cans with biodegradable adhesives and inks, and the stickers can be recycled.

Photo: Manifesto

An indispensable detail in the design process is the useable plastic filler cap, which is included for free if the customer requests it. The role of this lid is to seal unused coffee beans, helping you preserve the flavor better. Manifesto hopes that with that nature, people only order once and keep it for reuse.
The lovely image with the bright colors on the cans will probably make many people unwilling to throw it away, but will keep it for many different purposes, which helps to save costs even more.

Photo: Sprudge

The packaging transformation of the Manifesto Coffee brand resonated and won the hearts of many people thanks to the factors that contributed to sustainable development. Despite the renovation on the outside, the coffee quality inside has remained unchanged. So that it has built more and more trust with customers.

Photo: Manifesto


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