CFRR- The difference from the rounding stages of the moonlight image conveys the meaning of the taste of coffee contained inside.

Love in every process 
Paradise Gourmet Club is a brand – owned by Maysternya Kavi, based in the city of Kyiv (Ukraine), established in 1998 with the meaning of a family run specialty coffee roaster shop. 

With all of the love placed on delicious coffee beans, this company has made the full production cycle of coffee beans and grinds from roasting to packaging with the utmost care and attention to every step.

The company’s goal is to provide excellent products to the most demanding coffee gourmets as a precious gift.

Paradise Gourmet Club created unique collections for coffee lovers. One of those wonderful collections is the original espresso blend – mixture of the silver of the cold moonlight and dark of mysterious night – which exemplifies the proportions of Robusta and Arabica beans used in 250-gram coffee bags.

Surprised design 

For coffee enthusiasts, in addition to enjoying the unique taste, they also tend to receive products in highly aesthetic packaging for visual satisfaction, increasing enjoyment. taste to the full range of your senses.

To capture that, Kiev (Ukraine)- based media research and graphic design firm, Artemov Artel, created the corporate identity for an espresso collection with theme of the moon, from waning to round as a cycle for rebirth of life.

Espresso 6
BThe Paradise Gourmet Club’s espresso collection Photo: Artemov Artel

While drinking coffee makes people think of the moments of early dawn with the sun rising, and a new day of energy begins. However, familiarity often leaves them unnoticed. In order to create special impressions in the opposite direction, Artemov Artel has designed real works of art with different round and crescent images of the moon. As a result, this difference has created a very good effect, because it not only attracts customers’ curiosity with the mysterious image, but also clearly shows the characteristics of the coffee contained inside with the ratio of corresponding.

Decoding moonlit faces of the moonlight

The packaging looks quite mysterious because of the bold and dark colors with blue, black, brown and purple colors on the background of the paper box like the dark color of the night. Shining in the darkness was the silver the moon printed by the embossed method with each line clearly showing the somewhat scowling faces, as if saying “why don’t you hold me”. This makes people think of dark nights in real life with moonlight when they are full and waning and are urged to own them. The image of the lunar moon in phases is a reflection of the coffee blend ratios within the two series of Robusta and Espresso. Each mixture in this collection contains its own unique flavors with different strengths and aromas. Explanations in words may become superfluous, because the images on the coffee packaging contains the full meaning of the product inside.

Photo: Artemov Artel

This is an Espresso Bar coffee blend for those with an active lifestyle, guaranteed to give you a quick energy boost with high robusta content. Light coffee with a fruity aroma. The image of a crescent moon on a jet-black background represents a blend of Arabica 20% – Robusta 80%.

Against the dark blue sky, the moon is slightly more filled to introduce the taste of Espresso Classic. The taste is ideal for those who love classic Italian espresso with a prolonged and not too bold aftertaste. A good choice to make a cappuccino, latte or another drink containing coffee. In this mixture, there is a ratio of Arabica 60% – Robusta 40%.

Photo: Artemov Artel
Photo: Artemov Artel

Espresso Aroma coffee is a full-bodied drink with a high content of premium Arabica along with a thick body of strong Robusta. Hidden behind the soon-to-be-round Aroma moonlight, on the red background now has less dark part, this is a thick layer of cream foam, along with a slightly acrid coffee taste and a lingering chocolate aftertaste. This ratio includes Arabica 70% – Robusta 30%.

Prima Espresso coffee has the gentle, pleasant flavor of premium Arabica beans that are radiated through the creama layer, leaving a long aftertaste, accompanied by a bit of fruit flavor. The Prima blend, with the brightest and full moon image, reflects the 80% Arabica – Robusta 20% ratio, suitable for those who prefer light coffee.

With a special design that brings an element of mystery to customers, Paradise Gourmet Club has conquered those who love this addictive black drink. Maybe, you don’ t have to take a sip of your coffee in your mouth and remember it, but just casually glide through the art of the packaging can make you hooked. Enjoying a special coffee can turn your everyday events into unforgettable moments, or maybe break a bad day. Sipping the aromatic coffee of the original espresso blend collection, watching the night sky with soft moonlight, are truly moments of relaxation worth day by day.