From handmade coffee to familiarity with trendy outfits  at “Coffee tour in the City”


15:05 13/09/2022

CFRR- Coffee tour in the City, the first series of community events organized by COFFEERARY MAGAZINE has gradually become a weekend meeting place for young people, coffee lovers, coffeeholic, and baristas… throughout Saigon.

Coffee tour in the City, the first series of community events organized by COFFEERARY MAGAZINE has taken place in three exciting sessions. From Trip 1 on July 31st, then  Trip 2, Trip 3, tomorrow (August 21st) will be the fourth Trip of the program; Coffee tour in the City has received thousands of visitors to experience the brewing, enjoy coffee, give away books…

The familiarity of the ice cream seller, the woman selling lotteries.

Three consecutive Sunday mornings, whenever the classic car – Volkswagen Kombi arrives to park in front of the Saigon Central Post Office yard, even though we haven’t arranged anything, young coffee customers on the sidewalk nearby, Saigonais riding bikes, doing morning walk… all stop to take pictures.

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Come rain or shine, the Coffee tour in the City is still there with you

Photo: CFRR

After three weeks, we experienced both sunshine and rain but never stopped welcoming our precious friends. So many memories of nearly a month on that Coffeerary ride.

On the first day asking the price of a cup of our coffee, the lottery seller knew about our zero-cost program. Then she stopped by for weeks and gave herself a rest by listening to music and enjoying coffee from event volunteers.

The man selling ice cream in front of Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral wondered why the coffee in this car was so bland the first time: “I cannot drink this without milk”. But two weeks later, he had already begun to get used to cold brew.

Right after the first time of acoustic music performance, the street band playing on the nearby sidewalk sneaked to whisper “Our band and yours will play music by chiming and reminding each other of being too loud”. And so on, whenever one band took a break, the familiar sounds were resounded by the other’s support.

We went through it weekly like that, looking back it’s been three weeks…

Smiles on strange faces

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The smile, the hug, the fragrant coffee self-made… Can sad come up?

Photo: CFRR

Coffee tour in the City has somewhat become a similar destination for Saigonais, tourists, not just for coffee addicts, and there we have never seen tears yet.

The biggest question mark when COFFEERARY MAGAZINE conducts the Coffee tour in the City program which is the community program, then we will face the status “So many men so many minds”. There are thousands of ideas from coffee connoisseurs to photography enthusiasts, from music lovers to book donors who are really intellectual, knowledgeable, loyal, and obviously very demanding guests.

And after the past three Trips, the biggest joy that the program crew received is that we haven’t seen anyone unhappy coming to the event.

Even though that was a so sunny day, waiting for my turn to pour over experience is too irritating, it was fine because of the cold brew, and books to read while waiting; Even though that was a rainy day, being unable to see the violinist in order to take a nice photo together, it was fine because we still had pretty pictures with so colorful hashtags.…

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Coffeerary 03 6
Coffeerary 03 46

We change the mini-game weeks and create many other things.

Come weekly and don’t worry about… obsolete. Photo: CFRR

The COFFEERARY MAGAZINE team thanks for the smiles on faces we’ve never ever met, but recently we’ve gotten used to it, we won’t forget you because all of you are part of the soul of the Coffee tour in the City

Oh glittering ice and ripe coffee beans

For three weeks, each week we try to have a new “game” for you to experience at the Coffee tour in the City because we hope each of your experiences on our program will be the greatest and the most memorable.

The ice cubes for coffee, well what’s worth mentioning? In fact, any type of ice can drink coffee. However, Coffee tour in the City sends you cold brew from Son La coffee which is from the farm and has been hand-picked for each ripe coffee bean. Cold brew is a coffee brewing with cold water method that is all crafts from the farmer to the barista, why don’t we try a little harder to bring the perfect Son La cold brew to you guys?

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Do you love our tiny care? Photo: CFRR

Have you ever drunk a glass of golden whiskey compared to a round or diamond-shaped ice cube, those are the best ice cubes for cold brew. And every week we crafted 500 ice cubes so that the coffee you drink at the Coffee tour in the City is an unforgettable cup of coffee. Not only handmade from each ice cube to each coffee bean but every gift the crew sent to you at Coffee tour in the City is also crafted. One who registers for the pour-over experience will receive an attendance strap and then a tote bag designed and ordered by us; Every guest who comes to enjoy coffee and donate books will receive a CFRR brochure and a handmade coaster; The more special guests all receive vases engraved with the recipient’s name…COFFEERARY MAGAZINE prepares all by ourselves because we understand that all the great things in this world are created from the smallest ones.

Quality outfits and coffeeholic check-in points

Perhaps from the small things we do, the renewal every week… the program attraction has affected a lot of young people. The most interesting is that you guys come with various costumes that make us surprised and of course, we will learn to dress in such outfits when hanging out for the weekends.


Besides an old Kombi in front of Saigon’s ancient Central Post Office, the outstanding modern outfits that were mixed and matched not only create a harmonious contrast but also show the diverse and unique aspects of the Coffee tour in the City have been.

That is you yourselves, with beautiful, trendy outfits, checking in at Coffee tour in the City has made our program a destination for young people, coffee lovers, Saigon culture and heritage lovers.

An antique car, a heritage building, a cup of coffee belongs Vietnam, a book… and beautiful costumes walking down the street at the weekends are gradually becoming a habit of many people in Saigon every Sunday morning.

Our Coffee tour in the City has gone through three Trips with such joys and sorrows, rain and sun on weekends mornings, with Saigon. Tomorrow (August 21) will be trip 4, the last trip in the first series of events. Shall we continue or stop? Are you waiting for the Coffee tour in the City?… Follow COFEERARY MAGAZINE to know more about our journey, friends.

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