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10:10 12/06/2022

With the philosophy of bringing specialized media messages with scientific value along with life’s emotions, CFRR supports all the efforts to make the coffee industry more developed.

CFRR creates contents that covers the entire coffee supply chain, with a particular focus on potential lands where do not have any geographical indication for coffee yet. Therefore CFRR does not speak for any individual or business and we provide a platform to share knowledge and understanding of the various parties with the common development goal for the coffee industry.

In addition to the profit target like any other organization, as an independent media initiative belongs to this field, CFRR will spend a significant part of our income on projects that promote, social impact and develop sustainability in coffee industry.

We reach for social responsibility as a part of corporate activities with specific aspects:

Knowledge and economics for coffee farmers

Bring income equity in all parts of the coffee supply chain by providing relevant and necessary knowledge base, particularly geared up coffee farmers. Consequently, farmers can plant, care for, cultivate, harvest and process coffee according to scientific processes. This helps coffee farmers step by step create high quality products, bring better value and economic profit.


Financial support and provision in installments; emergency crisis relief; donation of books, winner clothing, food, etc…to farming families in order to alleviate their material difficulties.

Enhancing the coffee experience

Contributing supplication of general, specialized knowledge in choosing and enjoying coffee, CFRR supports consumers in having a more enjoyable experience with coffee instead of drinking coffee just for getting caffeine as usual. We always ensure to provide the latest and most in-depth information about Vietnamese and world coffee from various perspectives and ways. CFRR founds that the coffee industry needs a media initiative which is specialized, explicit and truthful to support, provide information, evaluate the market, etc… on multi-platforms and multi-media in order to get wide publicity to audiences.

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