The design associated with the nature of Camellia café in Korea

Written: Annie


16:56 22/09/2022

CFRR– Camellia Café converges natural materials, which are typical of Jeju Island (Korea), and is the ideal destination when stopping on this paradise island.

The land of flower lovers

As Korea’s largest and most beautiful famous island, Jeju has always been an attractive destination for many domestic as well as international tourists. Coming to Jeju Island, you will not be able to miss a wonderful place called the “paradise” of flower lovers, which is Camellia Hill, a large flower garden with a history of 30 years.

Camellia Hill, also known as the hill covering camellias, is a plant with characteristic thick leaves that help protect people from cold sea breezes, and brilliant red color of the flowers makes everyone who comes there feel the warmth.

Ideas from natural materials

However, enjoying the beauty of nature will be even greater than if you can sip a cup of coffee in a comfortable space without being separated from the outside scenery. That helped spark the idea for the architects of South Korea-based Lim Tae Hee Design Studio to build a Camellia cafe destination that converges elements of heaven and earth, completed in 2019 on an area of 133m2.

Jeju is an island formed from the lava of volcanoes. Here, rocks are ubiquitous and are a unique feature of this island. At the same time, due to its geographical location, Jeju Island has a lot of wind directions, and the wind “pats” the solid rock or “jokes” with the branches that make them tilt…

These features are also part of the culture of the people here, therefore, wind and stone are considered the “soul” of Camellia cafe combined with other natural elements such as clouds, water, and wood. , land and water.

The “Concerto” in Camellia’s Space

To shape the “wind”, the designers used the method of splitting bamboo. The old bamboo bars that had turned yellow-brown were thinly split and cut, then they were joined into large pieces and hung on the ceiling. The beautiful three-dimensional waves that conjure up images of the wind blowing are interesting.

The forked bamboo rods form the shape of “wind”. Photo: Frameweb

The unique and eye-catching feature for many visitors when looking at the space inside the café is the color stain on the metal surface of the reception desk as well as the guest’s drinking table that looks like pink clouds floating in the sky. To create this unique work, the design team used anodizing method, which is the electrochemical process to treat the metal surface into an anodic oxide finish that is durable, corrosion resistant, and can be for decoration.

The color stain on the metal surface like pink floating clouds.
Photo: Frameweb

The highlight of the restaurant, “split” stones are paired and stacked to form racks for the tables and chairs, they were scattered throughout the room. The rocks here are of two types, one from the mountains and one from the ocean. As combined, they are like a vivid floating picture, the roughness, and contours surrounding each stone create a feeling of wildness but familiarity.

Stones were scattered in the room. Photo: Frameweb

Perhaps, the thing that makes the diners come here very excited is the murmur of the thin water falling on the rocks. This natural sound will make you feel relaxed and comfortable as if drinking coffee next to a stream.

A small stream flows through the rocky crevice.
Photo: Frameweb

The walls here have made from a mixture of local soil and cinnamon in the traditional method. And near the meaning is attaching to nature, the material also has a high effect that helps deter insects.

The last element creating a perfect “accompaniment” for Camellia café is the group of wooden puzzles. Designers use them to place alternating at the foot of small rocks. This arrangement will make diners feel close and familiar.

The small, pretty, simple, and delicate round tables are suitable for the rustic space for you to choose the most comfortable seating positions.

Tables and chairs are minimized designing in the cafe space. Photo: Frameweb

On the flowers hill, Camellia café is an artificial work. But with the skillful hands of the architects, the coffee shop has transformed into a part of the natural landscape of “love island” Jeju. Gathering materials that bring the breath of nature, this structure will make an ideal stop that anyone who visits camellia hill will return to.


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