The perfect breakfast with an America’s Sunday Coffee Project box

Written: Annie


15:02 13/09/2022

CFRR – Coffee packaging and fun images of the cereal box, bring you back to childhood and interesting moments with your family with a cup of morning coffee.

The beginning of the coffee brand

Logo of Sunday Coffee Project. Photo: Indiegogo

The idea that launched The Sunday Coffee Project coffee brand started in March 2021, the most memorable pandemic year for all of us. In that context, Aaron and Ryley in Portland, Oregon (USA) had the same idea of opening their roaster. It’s simple and fast. Since then, they came up with a name and started building the brand.

Aaron and Ryley, with their children – Judah and Aydan. Photo: Indiegogo

Aaron, a roaster who has worked in specialty coffee for many years, spends most of his time in the coffee shop near where his family lives. In 2020, he shortlisted among the top 20 national baristas in the US Brewers Cup Coffee Championship.

Aaron is shortlisted for the top 20 baristas nationwide. Photo: Indiegogo

The dedication to providing selected products from quality coffee reflected in highly attention to detail and pursuit of excellence in each production process. The success blossomed after only seven months when in the first week of October 2021, Sunday Coffee Project began to open an online store.

Design inspiration

For small families, Sunday is always the favorite time to have fun together, drink coffee, and occasionally hang out to explore daily life. It was a great day because of their being together.

Sunday Coffee Project is name after the idea that the founders hope to bring every customer something interesting for not only the weekend but also starting time of a new day.

The inspiration from the two books Mr. Men and Richard Scarry that their sons Judah and Aydan enjoyed much helped them create the fun and adorable design for the brand’s packaging. Along with the hilarious style, each story in the book Mr. Men conveys the meaning of behavioral education in everyday life; and Richard Scarry made up of cute animals in a busy town on various topics.

Design inspired by two children’s books Mr. Men and Richard Scarry.
Photo: Sprudge

Special box

The idea of turning coffee packaging into a cereal box arose during the design process for about a month. Aaron was having breakfast when he suddenly realized that cereal and cartoons were the things that got the most attention on Sundays when childhood memory came flooding back, so he thought it would be interesting to attach them to the brand.

The talented American designer Sarah Brown successfully implemented this idea. The design had completed in August 2021.

Each box has its color and character. The orange-yellow box for The Regular Blend and Mexican Chiapas EK Balam coffee features a busy bunny with multiple activities at same time: reading intently, shaking rings, balancing on wheels, and drinking coffee. Pink distinguishes Ethiopian coffee Aliye Majo Chire and Peruvian Fidel Huancas Chinchay, which features an adorable little sheep lifting weights from a dispensing device while balancing the cup of coffee overhead.

Cute and busy image of comic characters
Photo: Sprudge

Looking at the front of the box, you’ll immediately see favorite Portland’s bridge at the top left and a sticker in the upper right corner containing coffee information.

Another attacted thing is on the right side where noted nutritional information as usual, but instead, the Sunday Coffee Project offers a list of Sunday activities. These are considered suggestions to make your weekend more exciting and have a lot of fun.

Along the left side is a crossword for you to search for meaningful words, below which is an alarm clock icon at the 19:77 time mark to express pride from the Portland Trail Blazers championship victory in 1977.

Finally, on the back of the packaging is a game that helps the brown bunny find his way to a cup of coffee, simple entertainment that make people attracted to it. Finally, there is the QR code to enter the brand’s website.

Sides of box. Photo:

Little joy

The modern and simple design combined with the cheerful colors of the Sunday Coffee Project coffee packaging reminds people of the joys of childhood, eating cereal and watching cartoons. Comic characters with fun games help children love and interact with the box more. And it has brought a great experience with a delicious cup of coffee to families every morning.

Coffee packaging in the shape of a breakfast cereal box.
Photo: Sprudge


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